Sydney People with Disability Celebrating Our Community and Changing Society

Three disabled people arms raised.  "Disabled and valuable, Equal, Amazing. Proud.  The words "weird, difficult and burdensome" are crossed out.

Bringing the disability pride movement to Sydney. Celebrating the disabled community and seeking change.

Building the Disability Pride Movement

Disability Pride Fest

Through our social media presence, activities and systemic advocacy, we seek to secure a cultural change in Sydney by bringing the international disability pride movement to Australia’s shores.

Two years running we have held Australia’s only Disability Pride festival. The entire organising committee, and anyone on stage had a disability. We have disabled speakers, performers and artists. We have opportunities for attendees to be empowered and participate through art, protest and other activities. …

Pride Fest returns 2023. In the meantime we have small events and participation opportunties throughout the year.

We are volunteers with disability please do not use our photos, ideas or materials for profit without payment. For personal or non-profit use please credit us .

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