What is disability pride and What do we stand for?

The Global movement: 

Disability pride is a global movement dating back to the 1990s with events or organisations across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. The first parade was held in Boston in 1990 to commemorate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We fight against…

  •  a purely “medical” or “charity” model of disability. These models say that  people with disability have a sad life because they are defective and that is the sole cause of their problems. They say the rest of the world should pity us not empower us. In reality, the problem is more the stairs than the wheelchair.
  • Shame, pity, stigma and self-hate
  • Any ableism, or idea that ability or disability makes a person less valuable. 

We believe in

  • A duty for society to respect and include us.
  • A right to be proud, celebrated and valued
  • Disability as a part of human diversity, that should be considered and included at all times.
  • In reclaiming disability identity. People with disabilities are the world’s largest and most diverse minority. We have our own history, culture, languages and community. 

Sources of pride vary but include:

  • Many of us see our disability as a positive part of our identity. 
  • We are also proud of our community, identity and culture.
  • We are an oppressed and marginalised minority and are proud of our solidarity
  • We are proud to be part of the beautiful variations that enrich humankind.
  •  Disabilities are part of us and have helped shape us into who we are. We are proud of our whole selves. We are proud of who we are as a whole, not proud of ourselves “despite our defects” 
  • We are in no way “less than” those whose bodies are minds are considered normal. 

“Using bold images and strong words, disability pride awareness dates, parades, and festivals both uplift and challenge. Pride comes from celebrating our heritage, disability culture, the unique experiences that we have as people with disabilities, and the contributions that we can give to society….Disability is more than just the physical and/or mental effects on the body, disability is more than the pills that you take, or the doctor that you go to. It’s actually a part of who you are…..Disabled people are the largest and most diverse minority within the population …et disabled people are often not thought of as equals or valued members of society. “- .

Disability Community Resource Centre

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