Pride Fest 2022

Pride Fest 2022 was awesome!!! The final program included

  1. Opportunities to make submissions to the Royal Commission on Disability with help from the YourStory support team.
  2. Arts and crafts activities for all ages, abilities and sensory needs. Lara, our blind performer used modelling clay, whereas our neurodiverse winners made t-shirts with fabric paint.
  3. An interactive all of remembrance for disabled suffering
  4. Songs by Lara Nakhle
  5. Speech by Professor Simon Darcy
  6. Speech and championship pole dancing by Deb Roach
  7. Exhibition of art by Amy Claire Mills
  8. Panel discussion with Tiktok tourettes advocate: Monica Nguyen, Deaf yourstory team member, Fiona McClean, PhD and queer advocate Dr Olivia Evans, Deaf Rainbow member Bronek LeMay and Amy Claire Mills again.
Our panel of 4 disabled people, one speaking into a microphone, an Auslan interpreter and our host, who is a wheelchair user.
Panel discussion
Head and shoulders shot of Senator Jordon Steele-John, smiling.  He has glasses and a beard and is wearing a suit and tie.


Statement of Support from our Only Visibly Disabled Member of Federal Parliament

“I believe that disability pride is the key to the continued development and growth of our community and the power behind the last big push needed to break down some of the most complex barriers our disabled community faces. Today’s celebration not only helps to achieve that, but also celebrates the immense and ongoing achievements of our community in what has been an especially challenging last few years for many. I wish I could be there with you all today – but trust that you will celebrate that little bit harder on my behalf. 

In solidarity, strength and pride.- Jordon steele John

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