Spread the word with merchandise

Disability pride flag shirts and mugs being modelled
by two organising committee members

Buy stickers, t-shirts and mugs at our Redbubble Store

All profits go to promoting disability pride in Australia. Mugs have the flag pictured on both sides. Use the shirt and the mug as conversation starters to get people talking about disability pride.

Note for orders of more than 5 items contact us personally for an enormous discount.

A pen holder with a sticker with the disability pride flag and the slogan "pride comes with practice"

Contact us for cheaper orders of 5 or more items

Disability Pride mug, featuring flag
Disability Pride t-shirt, featuring flag.

The mugs and t-shirts are white with the Disability Pride flag and the words “Disability Pride” in orange. Underneath is the web address for Disability Pride Sydney.

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